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We would like to welcome you and your child to Little Fishes Playgroup. Our aim is to provide a setting where children can play and learn in a safe, caring and fun environment.  We aim to nurture the children’s development in all areas; emotional, social, communication, physical, literacy, maths, creative and understanding of the world. We are a Christian playgroup, affiliated to Aldridge Parish Church. However, we welcome all families whatever their beliefs and cultural background. 
Below are some details about the group, which you will need to know and some FAQ.


What will my child do at Little Fishes?

Obviously they will play and have lots of fun, but there will be lots of learning through play.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage guidelines to support the children’s learning and development. 



We have themes to tie in with our activities, and we will let you know what these topics are so that you can talk to your child about them at home or send in things for your child to show everyone. We take our lead for themes from the children’s interests.
We always give children the opportunity to play outside in the playground or  garden (both fenced and fully secure).


To see a typical day at Little Fishes go to

What does my child need to bring and wear?

Your child will need a small bag with a change of clothes in case of accidents, spillages etc. Please name this clearly.

Please send all nappy changing items in your child’s bag if they need them.

Please dress your child in suitable clothes. They need to be able to go to the toilet as independently (and usually as quickly!) as possible, so clothes which are tight or difficult to undo are not a good idea. 

We do provide  aprons for messy activities, but your child may still get paint etc on his/her  
clothes so please bear this in mind too. We do go outside to play, even when it is damp or cold, so your child will also need appropriate clothes for this – a coat etc in winter and sun hat (and cream) in summer etc. Please name all your child’s outdoor clothing clearly too.

Does my child need to be toilet trained?

We accept children who are not yet toilet trained and will work with parents when training begins. We have small toilets, potties and a changing beds according to need.    

What do we do on my child’s first day?

You will be given a starting date for your child’s first session. When you arrive at the Church Centre a member of staff will greet you at the door and you will be asked to wait in the café area. At the start of the session all doors will be supervised and you will be asked to bring your child through to our room where you will settle them, then say goodbye. 
The same entrance procedure will be followed when you come to collect your child.

Can I stay with my child?

All children react differently to starting playgroup. You know your child best and we will work with you to settle your child. You are welcome to stop with your child initially, leaving them for short periods of time. We have a separate room in which you may stay, to wait and see if your child settles. We will always contact you if your child does not settle or becomes upset at any time. 

Will my child be safe with you?

Extensive safety and safeguarding checks and regulations are in place on a daily basis. Our policies, procedures and risk assessments are available for you to read. 
Our doors and outdoor gates are all locked throughout the session, so should you wish to enter please ring the bell in the foyer. A register is taken so that we know which children are present and any adults who are visiting must sign into the visitors’ book and place phones in a safe box for child protection reasons.

Your child will only be released to those named on their record form. Staff must be told of any changes to that arrangement. A password system is used in case of emergencies.

Essential information needed

You will be sent some forms in the post, a child record form, a permission form and an All About Me form. These give us important information, such as emergency contact numbers and details of allergies etc. It is very important that this information is kept up to date so please inform us of any changes throughout the year. 

Information for Parents 

There is a notice board outside our room with important information such as insurance details, newsletters etc. Other information is displayed on the worktop in the café area, giving details of about our planning, parent help, etc. as well as opportunities for children to share their news with us.  Please check the information regularly. We also send out regular texts and emails to keep you up to date on what is happening at playgroup.

When your child starts you will be sent an email with a link to a Parental Contract that you will need to read and sign, also an email from 'Tapestry' notifying you that you can set up a secure password to access your child’s individual, online learning journal. Here, you can see what we have been up to. If you do not have access to a computer, you can book a free session at your local library. 

How do I pay?  


 A monthly invoice will be emailed to the parents with details of their child's fees for that month.

Paying through bank transfer or childcare vouchers is preferred to paying by cash or cheque.

What if my child seems to be developing a little slower than others or has problems? 


We welcome all children at Little Fishes, whatever their abilities or difficulties. We are always happy to discuss any worries you may have about your child’s development, behaviour or health issues.

Once they start with us, we monitor the progress of all children and if any concerns arise we would share them with you.

We can give extra help and support to those who need it and if your child has specific Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND) we will work with them, alongside you and any other agencies or specialists, to put extra interventions in place. We have training and experience to enable us to do so and will give you and your child support throughout your time at Little Fishes.

For more details see our SEND Information Report and our SEND Policy (both under the Parent’s Info tab)

Little Fishes Mission Statement

Little Fishes Playgroup is a fully inclusive group which aims to provide a safe, stimulating and happy environment where children can develop, learn and play freely. We have high expectations within the group and through the experiences and activities at Little Fishes we aim to enable every child to reach their full potential. We are a Christian group affiliated to Aldridge Parish Church and welcome all children regardless of race, culture, religion, gender or ability. We are committed to working in partnership with parents and carers. Every child at Little Fishes matters and is special.

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