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Bathroom facilities

Little Fishes has a private bathroom area within the main room. It is accessible for all children to use independently if they can. It consists of two toilet cubicles which have privacy doors they cannot lock and one changing table. The toilets and sinks are child height. No adults are allowed access to the toilets during sessions other than staff.

We have a Fishes potty, however, happily accept children’s own potties from home. 



We encourage you to provide extra nappies in your child’s bag, although we do have spares.

We are happy to help with toilet training and support your child in the routine being established at home. We do have spare clothes at Fishes, but a child usually feels more comfortable in their own clothes, so if you could pop some spares in their bags, it would be much appreciated.

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We encourage our children to wash their hands regularly after using the toilets, painting, and playing outside. Hand gel is used before snack time.

First Aid

We have a fully stocked First aid box within our main room and take first aid with us on outside visits. All staff are Level 3 First Aid trained.

There is a section for you to fill in on the Permission slips regarding emergency treatment.


We are fully inclusive of children with a variety of medical needs and work with the requirements of each condition. For example Asthma, Diabetes, Haemophilia, Eczema etc.

All individual allergies and medical issues are recorded and kept securely.

Snack time and cooking

We provide a daily healthy snack containing a variety of different fruits and vegetables. Along with the snack we encourage the children to drink either water or milk. In the case of a food or drink allergy, we provide a free alternative.



During the year we cover a variety of topics, which include the children preparing, making and baking their own food to either sample or take home. We buy ingredients which are suitable to the individual requirements, always taking into consideration any food allergies the children may have.

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We are open and measures are in place with regard to Covid, but all arrangements are subject to change according to Government guidelines.

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